Wolf Gourmet Countertop Convection Oven with  Temperature Probe

Unless you already own the Wolf built in oven with the gourmet features, this oven will probably outdo your larger oven.

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The Wolf Gourmet oven is in a class by itself and we can hardly call it a toaster oven – it is simply a countertop convection oven that happens to also toast. It is made by none other than WOLF, the leading brand name of high end residential kitchen appliances. That means it has first class features to meet your cooking needs and is made to last.

Did you know that all Wolf products are rated to last over 20 years? Yes, that is true and you are not really just buying an oven… You are investing your money in a quality product that will enhance the way you cook for years. Think of all the oven replacements that you WON’T have to make for a good many years ahead. Your friends do not need to know the reason why your culinary creations are always consistently great. That can be your little secret.

We are staunch believers of a good, solid manufacturer warranty for any product. The fact that this Wolf Gourmet oven is backed by a solid 5-year limited warranty, speaks for itself. Most other countertop oven brands normally have a much shorter warranty.

There is also a great U.S. based Wolf Gourmet 24-hour customer service line. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that any problems or questions you may have with your new Wolf oven will be promptly handled to your satisfaction.




The Wolf Gourmet countertop convection oven is not a small oven. It is large enough to be used for most of your baking, roasting, or broiling tasks.  Weighing in at 22 pounds, its exterior dimensions are 22 ⅜” Width x 12 ⅝” Height x 16 ⅝” Depth. This means that it does take up a good bit of space on your countertop. Although this is not gigantic it may be more space than what some people have in a tiny kitchen. You must weigh the benefits of having this oven against the benefit of a few more inches of space. A kitchen cart might just solve the problem if you are space conscious. They come in many styles and sizes.

Just as important is the internal size of these ovens. The Wolf oven’s internal dimensions measure 16” Width x 5.5” Height x 12.25” Depth. This basically gives you about 1 cubic foot of internal oven capacity. Cooking has been made easy by this oven’s 3-rack capability and room for most 9” x 13” stoneware dishes and ¼ sheet pans, or a 5 ½ pound chicken. The oven racks easily glide out for your convenience of putting in and taking out the food.

Juicy tender roast chicken


This Wolf Gourmet  convection oven comes with 6 cooking modes… Bake, Broil, Roast, Toast, Proof, and Warm. Included with the oven upon shipping is a Technique & Recipe Book and a Use & Care Guide.

1800-watts of power thoroughly heats the oven chamber through 5 advanced heating elements and the convection feature. Wolf Gourmet claims this helps to reduce the cooking time by 25%. High-volume heated air flow inside the oven is provided by the powerful convection fan. You have the option of cooking either with or without the convection. The heated air circulates the food for better baking and roasting results without any hot spots.

Home made yeast breadWe recommend that you use the convection mode for cooking all your dense food… Tenderloins, chickens, rack of lamb, and your vegetables. This will slowly and evenly cook the inside and brown the outside of your food.

Perhaps you noticed that there are both roast and bake modes and are wondering what the difference is. Well, the roast function is slightly more aggressive while the bake function uses a gentler technique. 

The other function that you might wonder about is the proof mode. This is very handy for those who need to allow their yeast bread and rolls rise before baking. Inside the oven on very low heat,  those delicate loaves of bread and pastries are out of a draft where they can rise properly.  Don’t they think of everything? 


With the Wolf Gourmet Oven, it has never been easier to select your desired cooking mode and function. You can choose the needed cooking time by means of the oven’s simple to operate controls. When the cooking is done, the spring-loaded oven door makes it possible for easy opening and closing. The closed-door seal feature ensures no loss of escaping heat when the oven is on.

The sides are well insulated and do not get very hot. The sealed door also ensures that it won’t heat up your kitchen. However, the front glass and the top of the oven do get hot although not as much as most other brands. Normally we suggest that You allow at least a 3” clearance from any walls on the sides and the back. We also think that at least a 4” clearance from the top to any cabinet or wall would be advisable because of the exterior oven heat when in use.

The Wolf oven timer lets you know when your food is ready and it can be set up to 4 hours. It does not have an automatic shutoff though. Except for toast, you must turn the oven off yourself when the timer goes off. You can then effortlessly glide the rack outward to access your food. Later, when you want to clean the oven, the nonstick interior coating makes the chore a breeze. The baking and broil racks, the crumb/drip tray as well as your temperature probe are also dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.

The Wolf Gourmet oven comes with an integrated temperature probe which plugs inside the oven compartment. This enables you to keep a check on the temperature on the outside LCD display. There is no need to open the oven door. Once you have reached your desired temperature you know that your roast, prime rib, or steak is done to perfection. You simply turn it off when it is ready. Consistent results time after time can be your reality.


When we first started to look at the Wolf Gourmet Countertop oven, we thought it was way too expensive. Shelling out a few hundred dollars for a toaster oven may seem high to you too. If that is your main purpose for purchasing this oven, then indeed, it is too high. Get yourself an inexpensive toaster or toaster oven instead. Although you can make toast in this oven, that is not its prime purpose. It is much more than just a toaster oven. This is a real and full functioning high quality countertop oven.

We quickly realized why this oven’s high price is justified… You are getting a full featured quality built countertop convection oven that should last you many years. That changes it from being too high a price to being a great value.

Well, we are sure that you get the picture after considering the above facts. We have personally gone through many such small kitchen appliances because the price was right… But we found out that the product was not quality built and could not hold up to everyday use for a long period of time. When it is possible to do so, you are always better off buying a quality product. 

If you just can’t manage the cost of a high-quality product, perhaps you would like to read one of our other reviews. We also looked at the best affordable toaster ovens and a couple other large capacity ovens.   You have to balance the cost with the added benefits to determine what is right for you.


  • Built-in accurate temperature probe 
  • Convenient and easy to use features that make sense and will be used
  • Quality built-in to last 
  • Large enough to use as a second oven
  • All Wolf kitchen products are rated for 20+ years of use  
  • Has a 5-year manufacturer limited warranty and the excellence of Wolf brand name behind it 
  • Has a great customer service support team right here in the USA… Ready to help you 24 hours a day 


  • If you compare it to ordinary toaster ovens, the price seems high
  • Has no light inside
  • Takes longer to make toast than other models
  • No auto shut off at end of timer setting


We have shared with you all the information, important facts, along with our personal thoughts on the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven. We believe that this oven is by far the best high-end convection oven on the market in its price range today. It will be a purchase that would provide you with the peace of mind that you need when it comes to a worthy alternative (or addition) to your big kitchen oven. Both of us, Jay and Glenda, cannot remember the last time we used our big oven… There was no need to!

We sincerely hope that this Wolf Countertop Oven review will be the deciding factor to finalize your purchase decision. Do you need a second oven? Or maybe, you simply would like to have the indulgence of an oven where you can consistently cook your creations to perfection… time after time. Why not indulge yourself with a superb and smart choice for the heart of your home – your kitchen? So many satisfied and happy people have already done so!


We welcome your comments and appreciate your visit. Come back soon!

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