Cobalt Blue Kitchen Accessories

Cobalt Blue Kitchen Accessories brighten your kitchen and bring it to life as a calm serene place. The color you have selected for your accents is important. Here’s why. Color affects people’s moods. Have you ever wondered why the color Cobalt Blue is so pleasing to you? The answer is very simple… According to experts, the color blue has a soothing mental effect on us. That is why it is called the color of the mind. The richer the color blue, like cobalt blue, the more it stimulates clear thinking.

Also, the rich cobalt blue color maximizes the relaxation of our mental thoughts… Bringing about a deep feeling of comfort. That’s why the first thing your guests notice, and feel, in your kitchen is the color you have selected for your accessories… Such as small appliances, countertop accents, cookware, glasses and dishes,  kitchen decor and artwork.

In this article, we will share with you some exciting selections of cobalt blue kitchen accessories. With so many things to choose from, We believe that you will find your very own favorite pieces. Those pieces can transform the heart of your home into a soothing zone of comfort… Your lovely home kitchen.

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5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield - Cobalt Blue5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield – Cobalt Blue target=”_blank” CLICK FOR MORE INFOBlender with 60-Ounce Pitcher - Cobalt BlueBlender with 60-Ounce Pitcher – Cobalt BlueCLICK FOR MORE INFOSparkling Beverage Maker, Cobalt BlueSparkling Beverage Maker, Cobalt BlueCLICK FOR MORE INFO

This handsome Cobalt Blue 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield can be an excellent accent to your kitchen. With its beautiful color, you don’t have to hide it in a cabinet somewhere. Rather, you can display its calming color for all to see and experience.

The Cobalt Blue 5-Speed Diamond Blender with 60-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher is another attractive small kitchen appliance to bring a calming ambience to your kitchen. You may feel so comfortable in your kitchen that you might forget all about your dining room.

For those of you who would like to make your own sodas in the home, we have found this beautiful cobalt blue soda maker to match your other beautiful  accent pieces.

Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System, Cobalt BlueKeurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System, Cobalt BlueCLICK FOR MORE INFOUniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine - Cobalt BlueUniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine – Cobalt BlueCLICK FOR MORE INFO

With this Cobalt Blue Mini Plus Brewing System… You can have a perfect 6, 8, or 10 oz. coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages in about 2 minutes… Comes with a 6-count K-Cup Variety Pack.

The Cobalt Blue Portable Manual Lever Espresso Machine makes your espresso & coffee drinks easily… There is no need for electricity, batteries, or gas cartridges. So if you enjoy camping as well you can just take your cobalt blue espresso machine with you. Just make sure you bring it back or the lady of the house may be upset.


Cobalt Blue Kitchen Accessories

KitchenAid KTEN20SBDB 2.0-Quart Kettle with Full Stainless Steel Handle and Trim Band - Doulton Blue 2.0 Quart Kettle CLICK FOR MORE INFO

A beautiful cobalt blue Tea Kettle sitting on your stove just beckons you to fix a cup of tea, sit down and relax. We found a number of tea kettles to choose from. This one had good reviews and was available when we published this article. Some others were either very expensive or just not available at this time. This one is at a mid price range. You can check here for some more variety. Cobalt Blue Betty Teapot

A good tea kettle is something that is always useful to keep out and it adds that bit of color to coordinate with your other  small appliances and accent pieces.

You might even want to get a traditional Cobalt Blue Betty teapot that has been handmade in England to go with it. That is if you are a real tea lover like we are. Otherwise you can use the kettle for simply heating water for any number of other things.


Majestic Gifts Handmade Cobalt Lead Free Crystal Footed Bowl, Large, CobaltFruit BowlCLICK FOR MORE INFOSalt & Pepper Shaker Set - Georgian Pattern - Cobalt Blue - Mosser Glass - American MadeSalt & Pepper Shaker Set CLICK FOR MORE INFOSyndicate Sales 11Flower VaseCLICK FOR MORE INFOFlower Rose Bunch Glass Gathering Vase Decorative Centerpiece For Home or Wedding (Fits Dozen Roses) by Royal Imports - Square - 8.75 Square VaseCLICK FOR MORE INFOCertified International Indigold 3 Piece Canister Set, MulticolorCanister SetCLICK FOR MORE INFOFiesta 1-Quart Small Canister, Cobalt Small Cobalt CanisterCLICK FOR MORE INFOFiesta 6-5/8-Inch Utensil Crock, Cobalt Utensil Crock CLICK FOR MORE INFO

As you can see, this is mainly an idea post. When choosing a few cobalt blue accent pieces, don’t forget to choose some that can sit out on your countertop all the time. A fruit bowl is beautiful all on it’s on or you could fill it with real or waxed fruit for extra color. The same holds true of a beautiful vase. You do not always need to have flowers in it to make a statement.

Of course canisters or a utensil crock are very functional in addition to adding a bit of color to your kitchen.


Artland Iris Goblet, Cobalt Blue, Set of 4Cobalt Blue, Set of 4CLICK FOR MORE INFOArtland Cambria Goblet 18 oz (Set of 4), CobaltGoblet 18 oz Set of 4CLICK FOR MORE INFOLibbey Premiere Cobalt Blue 16.25-Oz Goblet Glass, Set of 1216.25-Oz Goblet, Set of 12CLICK FOR MORE INFOArtland Iris Highball Glasses, Cobalt Blue, Set of 4 Highball Glasses,  Set of 4CLICK FOR MORE INFONorth Mountain Supply 16 oz Cobalt Blue Glass Grolsch-Style Beer Brewing Fermenting Bottles - With Ceramic Swing Top Caps16 oz   Fermenting Bottles CLICK FOR MORE INFO

We cannot talk about cobalt blue kitchen accessories without mentioning glassware and dishes. Here are a few sets that can definitely brighten up your kitchen. We love the stemmed goblets and glasses. The bottles are useful for making your own beer or kefir. They also are simply pretty accent pieces for an area where you want to add color.

You will notice that we picked a couple of sets that are cobalt blue and white. Some of the prettiest kitchens that we have ever seen are white with Cobalt Blue accents. Even though you can use this color to compliment many different colored themes, we like white the best. A very pale yellow is also beautiful accented with Cobalt Blue and a bit of green.

Mikasa Lavina Cobalt 4-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1Cobalt 4-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1CLICK FOR MORE INFOGourmet Basics Madison 48 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 1248 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 12CLICK FOR MORE INFOGibson Stanza 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Cobalt 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Cobalt Service for 4CLICK FOR MORE INFO


Enameled Cast Iron Covered Round Dutch Oven, 5.5-Quart,Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch OvenCLICK FOR MORE INFOEnameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet, 10-Inch,Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet, CLICK FOR MORE INFOEnameled Cast Iron Covered Braiser, 4-Quart,Enameled Cast Iron Covered Braiser, CLICK FOR MORE INFO

Can you just imagine a few of these beautiful pieces sitting on your stove as you lovingly prepare a meal for your family and guests? Many people search for some good enameled cast iron cookware for their most serious cooking tasks. Enameled cookware is easy to clean and is quite durable. These pieces make a great set to have or could simply be used individually. If you are looking for a good gift for a cook, it is highly likely that they would be delighted with these.


As you can tell this post is not a review of any particular product. It is just a collection of things that we think would make beautiful cobalt blue kitchen accents. We have enjoyed making this collection and we hope that it will give you some ideas of things to use to brighten up your kitchen. Perhaps, you simply like to change things up now and then to get a fresh look. Accenting with a particular color is a great way to do that.

We actually found many more items that we did not include here. We are curious as to which pieces you would like to include in your home. Please feel free to comment below. As always we hope that you have a great day.

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