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They say that the heart of the home is the kitchen. That is where we are beginning this new site… right in the kitchen. We hope to help you find some smart choices for the home you love. 

Have you ever noticed that when friends and family come over, that they just tend to gravitate to the kitchen? We have! When someone comes over we like to put on a pot of coffee or tea and sit down for a good long conversation. It is also nice if we have something hot from the oven to serve with it.

Although you would not be likely to get out your bowls and utensils to mix up something fancy, it is an easy matter to slice some cookies from some refrigerated dough (either homemade or store bought) and pop them into your toaster oven. Now that is an easy way to make someone feel welcomed.

Why Use The Toaster Oven?

We think that the toaster oven is an under utilized appliance in most homes. Many users only purchased them for the purpose of making some buttered toast or toasted sandwiches. They don’t seem to realize that you can do almost anything in them that you can do in your big oven only in smaller portions.

It would be hard to fit a turkey in a toaster oven but many of them are made well enough and are large enough to roast a chicken, broil a steak, cook a roast with some veggies as well as bake cookies, pies, and cakes and more.

In the summertime, many people are now using their toaster ovens exclusively for their baking needs as these smaller appliances do not heat up the kitchen the way the big ones do. They are far more energy efficient than the big ovens and use way less energy. That means they are quicker to use and save you money to boot.

What Are The Different Classes In Toaster Ovens?

We have researched many different toaster ovens and selected what we believe to be the best from a few specific classes.

On this page we revealed the best small toaster ovensThen we looked at a number of lower cost ones and picked what we believe to be the three best affordable toaster ovens. Those are also medium sized convection ovens. Finally, we looked at some large capacity toaster ovens and gave our thoughts on them.

We also reviewed a high quality convection oven that just happens to also toast. This is the Wolf Countertop convection oven. You might like to check itout too. It really is amazing how technology has advanced.

Smart Tips

There are quite a few ideas we would like to share with you as well while we research the best small kitchen appliances. They are all aimed at helping you to make the best smart choices for your home.  Would you like to serve the best tasting coffee right from your own kitchen?   We learned a lot ourselves while we were researching how to do that. Great coffee appliances certainly help but there is more to that story. It has changed the way that we make coffee.

Affordable Alternatives

Another thing we will try to find for you on this site is affordable alternatives when the best products are simply out of reach of some of our readers.  It is nice when you can save money and have something almost as good as the best, don’t you think? We think you deserve to be able to make that choice by being fully informed.

We have much more planned for this site that we believe will be helpful to you so please feel free to share, comment  and come back soon.


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